Black Rabbit/Saga Custom
I began this project in August ’07 and had it in playable
condition byApril ’08; I was in no hurry and spent a lot of
time working out the headstock shape. This started out as
a build-it-yourself kit from Saga. I went with a transparent
aqua-washed body and matching headstock, and left the
back of the neck and headstock natural (but lacquered.)
The thin finish on the neck has no stickiness, even as your
left hand warms up and sweats.  The finish on the body was
purposely left imperfect as I wanted this to be an
inexpensive player that should look and feel better with
age. The hooked headstock design is slightly oversized
compared to a Fender and I had to look around a bit to
find a case long enough to fit.  The sculpting of the body
was somewhat inspired by Magnatone Hurricane and
Fender Telecaster shapes. I added abalone and chrome
control knobs and will probably add bridge and pickup
covers and straplocks in time. It's a work in progress, at a
leisurely pace...

This bass has a bright punchy tone that comes through well
for recording; I definitely expected to replace the pickup as
part of the project but it sounds so good I don't have any
reason to. While much of the work was done for me, I
would say that the construction of a "kit bass" still
required a fair amount of tools, experience and patience to
complete to a reasonable standard of quality.