Mystery Bass: 1960's Clark Foam?
Made in Japan (according to the neckplate and general
appointments,) 1960's or early '70's. Was sunburst, then
refinished purple, then refinished gold with an added 1960’
s vintage mermaid waterslide decal. The mahogany and
rosewood neck has a very rounded shape with little taper
and decent fretwork. The pickups are warm and the
overall sound is surprisingly good despite the chintzy
wiring and pots.  The heavy solid brass bridge is
definitely aftermarket.

This short scale bass is an odd combination of a Fender Jazz-
influenced shape and Hofner-style staple top pickups and
selector switches. This was given to me as a box of parts,
with the body in very poor condition.  The tilted-back
headstock had a Clark Foam decal at one time (their most
recognized rectangular-shaped company logo) but that has
long since vanished and I have yet to find any
relationship between the famous California surfboard
blank manufacturer and any imported electric guitar
brands, so maybe the decal was added by a previous
owner?  A reader from Australia has advised the
"This may be a 1970 model made by Maya for the
Rokkoman trading house in Kobe, Japan, either at their own
plant or (possibly) Chushin Gakki.
UK importers of Rokkoman goods used the labels Avon and
Columbus. It may have been marketed under other names as
well. That particular model seems to have been widely shared
between factories as a template."  
He included a photo of a
virtually identical bass badged as a "Maya" with red-to-
black sunburst finish.