Danelectro '58 Longhorn Reissue
Is it a throwback to the ancient Greek lyre? Is it an homage to a Texas bovine? You be the judge...

In 1998 the Evets Corporation purchased rights to the Danelectro brand name and restarted the company with a line of effects
pedals. They quickly followed up with some guitars and basses based on recognized "Dan-O" designs and features.  This is a 1999
Longhorn Bass they designated the "'58 Reissue." These were fairly accurate versions of the old Longhorn basses; the vinyl edging
is slightly different, the tuning keys with the stamped "D" and the knobs are not exact matches the originals.  Nevertheless, these are
nice lightweight players that pack the trebly punch that original Danelectro basses were known for. This era of Evets-made
Danelectros were made in Korea and the fit and finish were very high for the reasonable price. The tweed case that matches it is not
quite as well appointed as some other makers' retro-style cases, but then it didn't cost as much either.

I think most bassists would enjoy the feel and sound of the reissue Danelectros and they are a great value.  Back in the day, Dan-O
basses were seen in the hands of amateur and professional bassists playing country, rockabilly, surf and rock. The short scale, light
weight, bright sound and access way up the neck have insured the popularity of these basses since they were first introduced.  As far
as I'm concerned, Masonite bodies and lipstick tube pickups can sound every bit as good as exotic woods and active electronics.