Epiphone Newport Bass
Circa 1964. Serial #159452. Total production of Newports in 1964: 612 instruments. Compare that figure to the
Newport's cousin; 1133 Gibson EBO's were shipped in the same year.

1964 was the first year of the reconfigured Newport with the four-on-a-side “batwing” headstock and an
assymetrical body shape.  A very thin body and neck on this bass provide a very ergonomic feel. The single huge
humbucker is of the same type used on the Gibson EB-2 and EB-O.  This is sometimes referred to (lovingly or not)
as the “mudbucker” for it’s deep bassy sound.  The cherry finish on this bass has faded to a mellow orangy-brown
on the front of the body that shows off the grain nicely. Some minor pickguard shrinkage cracks have occurred
around the screws, but this Newport is all original, with no cracks or breaks.  These basses are susceptible to cracks
or breakage at the headstock or neck/headstock joint due to the thinness of the neck and the elongated headstock
shape but there are no issues with this one.   

The Epiphone Newport is much like a Gibson EBO in it's pickup and other hardware, but had much, much lower
production numbers.  Newports were notably used by Marshall Grant (bassist for Johnny Cash,) Maya Ford of the
Donnas and Colin Moulding of XTC.