Fender '54 Precision Reissue
Circa 2003. Serial #Q005137.  If you have a
chance to see an original paisley Telecaster
bass, circa ’68-‘70, the color of the paisley
and paint are obviously different than this
finish.  Still, this is pretty spectacular.  
Original ‘60’s Fender paisleys are pink
and gold; this is pink with textured silver
foil and a pink and green detailed pattern.  
No finishes like this were available in 1954;
thus the “’54 Reissue” refers to the maple
neck, single-coil pickups, small headstock
and other appointments. The “elbow” and
“belly” contouring of the body originally
appeared in 1954 and differenced them
from the earlier slab-bodied Precisions. I
added the pickup and bridge covers for a
more complete appearance.  The finish
work on this instrument is flawless and the
sound is smooth and rich. Does “smooth
and rich” sound like an ad for coffee? Oh