Vox Galaxie Amp
The Vox Galaxie was the mid-size amplifier offered in the solid state Ampliphonic series, which made their debut at the Chicago NAMM show in
July 1967. This was an attempt by Vox to get into the amplification of brass, woodwinds and other instrumentation, although I have found this
Galaxie to be a fine and versatile amp for guitar or bass. The three larger amps of the Ampliphonic line featured radical trapezoid styling, which
has different acoustic properties than simple square or rectangular speaker cabinets. The main idea behind the design, however, seems to have
been an "amplified music stand" (as they were called in the promotional literature of the time) as all the amplifiers featured lights and a flip-out
rest for sheet music on top. It was assumed that the musician would sit
behind the amplifier, in a big-band configuration and unlike the
stand-out-front attitude of rock and pop musicians.  The four amps offered in the series were the Nova (a budget model with 25 watts output and
a dark/bright switch,) Satellite (20 watts with vibrato,)  Galaxie (45 watts with reverb and vibrato,) and the Orbiter (60 watts with reverb, vibrato
and two channels.)

While distinctive in style and concept, the Ampliphonic line did not save Vox from sagging sales overall. These amplifiers (and associated other
electronic gizmos of the product line) are quite rare by comparison to most other Thomas/Vox amplifiers; it would be interesting to see the
production figures from the factory records. This Galaxie has been restored electronically and cosmetically, but sadly is still missing the music
stand and light. The reverb and vibrato effects have great sweep, from the mild mannered to the wildest sounds of surf and psychedelia.