FORGERY? Gibson EB-3 Copy
This is an interesting bass that I and several luthiers assumed was a Gibson EB-3. As I tried to date it and reviewed EB-3's from
various years, I have come to believe this is a forgery, probably made in Asia in the '60's or 70's.  Factors that cause suspicion
include the headstock logo, the truss rod cover plate, the general layout of the rotary switch and pickguard, and the tuners. One
could believe this might be a Gibson with knobs and a few parts switched, but too many details don't match other EB-3's. The only
other bass I have seen with all these characteristics was believed to be a Phillipine-made forgery. I call it a forgery because they are
not just copying the design and putting a different brand on it, but attempting to pass it off as a Gibson product.

That said, I have probably played and recorded more with this bass than any other. The tonal variety, weight and balance are
excellent, the flip-up mute works well and it has a warm yet punchy sound with very long sustain.  It came with some odd wear and
tear; it looks like someone nervously tapped little dents into the face of the body with a pick, and also tried to pry the knobs off,
creating gouges that thankfully do not go through the finish.  I replaced the plastic nut with bone, replaced the pots and added
Schaller straplocks, otherwise this is as I acquired it in 1987. The pots were replaced before I realized their possible value in dating
or determining the origin of the bass. I would appreciate any information or opinions on the origin of this instrument, it has no serial
number or other stamping as was used by Gibson.