Gibson Victory Standard
Serial #82431583. Made on August 31, 1981 in the Nashville, TN Gibson factory.  

The Victory Standard has a single passive humbucking pickup set at an angle and combines a number of interesting
features:  A slightly slimmed Thunderbird style headstock shape on a bolt-on neck, a series/parallel switch, offset dot
markers and a sculpted body style that is not unusual by today’s standards but was futuristic at the time especially
compared to Gibson’s usually conservative designs.  The fingerboard even ends in an angle to match the pickup slant and
the lower cutaway allows full access to all frets.

The Victory Standard is quite versatile; in series (forward on the mini-switch) this has warm, mellow and growling lows and
in parallel a piano-like clarity is a fitting description.  This bass has lots of logos besides the headstock; the neck plate,
bridge and each tuner has a Gibson logo. Long, long 34 ½” scale; this bass looks, feels and sounds HUGE.  The Victory
Standard bass is massively heavy due to the rock maple body, laminated maple neck and hefty hardware all around but
balances quite comfortably on a strap.

If the size and weight (11.4 lbs.) aren’t off-putting, this is a bass most Fender Precision players would find comfortable and
this was a conscious part of the design development. The Victory Bass offers striking design features and a lot of tonal
options out of a single instrument. This one is 100% original and in excellent condition except that the finish on the back
of the neck is almost all worn off; it has obviously seen a lot of playing time. I have a vivid recollection of mooning over an
identical silver Victory Bass in Santa Ana, CA circa 1984 and sadly realizing it was way, way out of my price range. I've got
one now and it is every bit as good as I had imagined.