Ibanez Customized Fretless
IBANEZ Roadstar bass guitar. Japan, Circa 1985.  Serial #L844155.  This bass has a slab style body (no contouring) but with a generous
roundover on all edges. The neck has been replaced with a custom-made fretless neck. This is constructed of beautifuly figured maple with an
ebony fingerboard that extends over the truss rod.  During construction, something went awry with the truss rod and the luthier opted to drill and
inject the truss cavity with epoxy, then painted the "skunk stripe" down the back of the neck to camouflage this repair. Thankfully I have never
had any issues with it. The original Ibanez all-maple fretted neck is still good.

This was my first bass and was converted to fretless in 1988; I have used it for all types of musical styles, live and recorded.  Ibanez Roadstars
came in a variety of designs and pickups in the 1980's and are good solid instruments.  This one features interesting heart-shaped tuners and  
very effective V-shaped strap buttons that eliminate the need for strap locks.