Kay Model 5921 Bass
Circa 1966-68, made in Chicago, Illinois. This model number (5921) is specific to the single pickup, burnt orange version of this
bass. Similar two-pickup basses were produced by Kay and were also offered in "Striking White" and "Soft Teal Blue," and those
finishes also have a very cool mid-60's vibe.  The body binding has an additional black pinstripe on the top edge, the neck is nicely
rounded and the scale is 30 7/8."  The fretboard has 6 rectangular plastic inlays that look like faux abalone, some of these appear to
be undergoing the chemical changes that sometimes occur with older plastics.  The pickguard is solid wood, as is the finger rest and
very primitive bridge.  The only missing feature is the chromed bridge cover. This bass is fitted with guitar-sized Kluson Deluxe
tuners and a very hot DeArmond "speed bump" pickup, and has what is possibly the worst output jack placement ever on the lower
backside of the body!  For an inexpensive instrument (these sold new for $99.50 in 1968) the Kay 5921 has a comfortable feel
(once you get a right-angle cable) and sounds great strung with flatwounds for a vintage 60's thump. I believe the body is
semi-hollow but have not confirmed this as I have been too busy playing it to take it apart. The right arm edge of the body has all
the finish worn off and there are the usual assortment of scuffs and dings but overall this old Kay is an example of how U.S.
"budget-brand" guitar companies produced some good instruments at affordable prices that can hold their own into the 21st century.