Built in Neptune, New Jersey
U.S.A in 1976, the first
production year for Kramer
instruments.  This bass has an
aluminum neck with pearl
crown inlays on the fretboard
and walnut inlays on the back of
the neck. The fretboard is a
synthetic material called Ebonol.
The body is primarily walnut
and birdseye maple with a
German carve around the front
edge. Features two original
humbuckers with stamped
Kramer logos.
Bill Wyman played a couple aluminum-necked Kramers on the Stones’ 1978 “Some Girls”
tour, and I’ve seen a few others in use in ‘70’s era photos (Tim Bogert,) but these never
really caught on.  They’re ideal for touring musicians, as the necks seem impervious to
temperature and humidity changes, and most any other punishment you could think of.  
The wood inserts in the back of the neck are to provide a less cold feel.  This bass has
been shipped across the Pacific at least 6 times with no ill effects.  It is quite heavy at 11.2
lbs., but the woodworking is gorgeous and how can you not like the tuning-fork shaped
headstock?  Long, long sustain and a tight sound from the bridge pickup make this a great
bass, live or recorded.
This instrument is part of the Black Rabbit
permanent collection and is not currently for sale.
Kramer 650B Artist Bass