Univox 'Lectra
This Univox 'Lectra (also known as Model U1970) bass was made in
Japan at the Matsumoku guitar factory circa 1970 and is basically a copy
of a Gibson EB-1. It is a hollowbody without soundholes and has one
humbucking pickup at the neck position.  The bridge cover is chromed, all
the other metal parts are gold plated (some of the plating has worn off)
including the bridge itself and the neck plate.  This bass has a bound neck
and headstock, offset dot position markers and an original "thermometer"
style case, just like it's Gibson counterpart.   

This 'Lectra is unusually heavy for a hollowbody at 7.4 lbs.  Like many
Univoxes, the quality of the workmanship and materials is very high and
this is a smooth player with a warm rich tone.   The Gibson EB-1 bass it
is modeled after was never as popular as Hofner's violin basses but was
played by Jack Bruce, John Paul Jones and Felix Pappalardi.  Univox
offered the 'Lectra bass in the EB-1 style for a few years in the early
1970's but they are not as common as Hofner-styled 'Lectras.  'Lectras
were also produced with factory fretless necks, and some 'Lectras have a
scrolled headstock (unlike Gibson or Hofner) which are very cool looking
but add a significant amount of weight that causes the neck to dive if not