Unknown Maker: 1960's Japanese Mini-Bass
Another Made in Japan (according to the neckplate and general appointments) mystery bass, 1960's or early '70's.  Semi
hollowbody, with bound neck and double bound body. The headstock logo and pickguard are missing. This is a very short-scale
bass at 25 1/2” and only weighs 5.2 lbs.  The knobs were changed by me but they give it a more “Euro” look in my opinion; the
originals were round and very cheap chromed plastic. This has a crown shaped sticker on the headstock that reads "Steel
Reinforced Neck" that makes me wonder if this is a Teisco-made instrument. I have yet to see another instrument with this type
of soundhole design.  The headstock is unusually long and I believe this is a 6 string guitar modified into a bass (at the factory)
by changing the tuners, nut, tailpiece and bridge.

This bass was given to me by a close friend whose father (the first owner) and brother had both played it. It then had suffered
the indignities of being stored in various closets and garages uncased for years. It has multiple dings and scratches, a small area
of binding missing and other binding that has been repaired, but the pickups and electronics are loud and clear and it is a fun
little player. I take this bass traveling frequently.