VOX Phantom IV
Circa 1967. Made in Recanati, Italy in the same factory that produced EKO instruments. Black with a
black neck bound in white celluloid. The black neck finish is somewhat rarer as most are natural. This neck
has a particularly big, rounded shape compared to Fenders and other popular basses. The pickguard has
shrunk and is cracked around the screws, a common issue with Voxes and other guitars of this era. This
bass has seen plenty of play; the back pad is quite worn and there are various small dings on the body and
headstock, but the frets are all in good shape and it is 100% complete and original. The pickups have a
clear single-coil sound and the trapezoidal "coffin" body shape allows for full access up the neck.

The Phantom IV retailed for $328 in 1967; adjusted to today's US dollar this would be $2195, quite
expensive for the time.  The Vox Phantom guitar and bass designs are iconic representations of  1960's
cool; many copies and Phantom-inspired instruments have been made by other guitar companies since
these were first introduced in 1961.