Silvertone 1444 Bass
Circa '59-'63. Made in Neptune, New Jersey by

This was the first “vintage” bass I ever played. Not
this one, but the same model in much abused  
condition, in 1985. Few people paid much attention
to Danelectros or Silvertones then.  A perfectly
simple design and such a deal at $79.95. Well, that’
s what they used to sell for in 1961, anyway. “Get
deep big-bass sound, but not the hard-to-handle
size,” read the ad copy in the Sears catalog.  True
enough.  Light weight, easy action and clear trebly
sound all contribute to the 1444 being a bass that is
hard to put down once plugged in.  And, no tuning
issues from the tiny Kluson-type keys!