Silvertone 1448 "Amp-in-Case"
Seeking the instructional album that
originally came with this guitar/amp, please
contact me if you have one in good condition!
This 1448 is black with a silver glitter finish on the front and back of
the guitar as well as the entire case! One tear in the vinyl edging and
one scratch on the back of the guitar, otherwise all original and in
excellent condition. The amp-in-case (a mighty 3 watts!) works and
still had the original Silvertone branded tubes and the original grey
instrument cord included.  The screened panel on the outside of the
case protects the speaker.

This is an easy to play, great sounding little guitar that was aimed at
the beginner market but has found a following with experienced
players due to it’s ¾ size and chiming tone.  The tuning keys are the
only shortcoming, they do slip and require frequent retuning.  A lot
of kids got one of these for Christmas or birthday presents when
they were sold through the Sears catalog from 1961-66 for $67.95,
including a 45 r.p.m. how-to-play album.  Does anyone still have the