Teisco Del Rey EB-120 Spectrum Bass
Made in Japan, 1970. These basses don’t pop up as often as other Teisco
models, and when they do the pricing is all over the place. Here is my
take on this one:

This is a very small and lightweight bass, with two very hot pickups
controlled by slider switches. I like it best with both pickups on,
which is somewhat unusual; I usually find that two-pickup basses
sound best with just one pickup on at a time. The sound is loud,
punchy and fat, belying the very small look and feel of the bass.  This
bass has a number of fancy Teisco-style decorative features ranging
from the floral pickguard, bound rosewood overlay headstock (is it
real wood?) block neck inlays and a beveled body edge, including a
beveled inset for the bridge and cover assembly. This has the original
screw-on bridge cover with foam on the underside for subtle muting.  

Currently strung with fresh flatwounds, the fretboard is like butter.
What does that even
mean? It means smooth, man, real smooth and
not a hint of fret noise.  This bass feels about as small as a Vox
Panther, but with a more normal neck width and would be a great
bass for a guitarist, beginner or a pro who doesn’t want a lot of size or
weight to manage.  This Teisco is 100% original and with a great old
case, also in good shape. There is slight wear on the floral design near
the right hand position and some wobble to the volume knob stem,
but not enough for me to bother taking it all apart, at least not yet.  
Complete with the headstock badge, which are often missing on
Teiscos as they fell off when the glue bond failed.

Some kid hoping for a Fender Precision (or at least a Mustang Bass)
was probably disappointed to find one of these under the Christmas
tree in 1970, but it is actually a very good player with a much bigger
and better sound than expected. The decorative embellishments that
seemed cheesy at the time are now retro-cool and sure to get a “What
is that?” when it comes out of the case.