1991 Rickenbacker  foldout catalog/poster. All models and custom options, history and signature/limited editions. Very slight wrinkling,
wear on outside. Two copies, they are very similar except the “cover” of one has an enlarged photo of an “R” tailpiece and the other one a
headstock logo detail shot. Susanna Hoffs, John Kay, Chris Squire and others pictured with their signature models. These would make very
cool posters if you could decide which side to display.

1990 Gretsch catalog. Lots of pictures and information on the family history of the great guitar maker. This is a neat catalog in a kind of
sepia-tone for that vintage feel.

1991 Novax fanned fret guitar brochure, 8.5” x 11”. Ordering info on a separate page.  Unusual.

1993 Chandler pickguards catalog #13, with retail pricing.

1993 Chandler guitar bodies, necks, parts catalog

1992 Chandler retail price list; everything but pickguards.

1991 Gospel guitar brochure; these guitars were made by Semie Moseley in “Ventures” style in Jonas Ridge, NC and marketed towards
Christian musicians.  8.5” x 11” double sided in color, with Semie Moseley pictured on the front.  Rare.

1991 Pedulla bass catalog, with custom options, colors and pricing.

1991 Jim Dunlop Accessories catalog. Picks, straplocks, pedals.

1991 HamburGuitar flyer, 8.5” x 11” single sided, with separate price list and dealer letter.  Bernie Hamburger is a high end custom luthier
based in Las Vegas. The guitar model shown (only the body is in the picture) has two humbuckers set at slight angles and very long,
pointed curved horns that remind me somewhat of a Burns Bison.

1991 Gibson USA acoustic guitar brochure

1991 Ken Smith Bass accessories and parts brochure

1991 Hofner Beatle Bass brochure, 8.5” x 11”. One side with photos of two variants of the bass and descriptions, back side has a written
history and details of the various “Beatle Bass” models, their features and development.  Two copies.  Someone foolishly inked in the Hofner
logo on the front page of one with blue ballpoint, otherwise clean. The second one is perfect.

1991 Zon bass catalog and price lists.

1991 Jerry Jones guitar and bass brochure, with separate price list and description of construction, and a separate single-sided flyer for the
electric sitar model.  All USA made Danelectro/Silvertone inspired instruments. These came out way before the rebirth of the Danelectro
company and are very highly regarded.  They ceased manufacture in 2011.

1991 Larrivee acoustic guitar and bass catalog. Small, light discoloration on the back cover, otherwise EX.  The inlay work shown in this
catalog is truly amazing.

1991 Hohner  HEG35 semihollow electric guitar flyer, 8.5” x 11”, single sided.  Styled very much like a Gibson 335. Two copies.

1991 Fender Frontline magazine/catalog.  Black Crowes, Robin Trower, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, spec’s of various instruments and
accessories including Heartfield and Sunn products. This magazine was produced by Fender in the late 80’s/early 90’s and distributed free
at music stores.

Early 90’s Zoid Light Guitars two-sided color flyer.  Wild colored Plexiglas bodied guitars and basses with internal light systems.
Apparently these were made from 1988 to 2003.  There is an informational video on YouTube about them by Dan Rimsa, the creator.

Early 90’s Epiphone guitar and amp brochure, color. Howard Roberts, Chet Atkins photos.
Smith electric bass strings paper packaging insert.  Features a photo of a Ken Smith bass, Stanley Clarke and other endorsers, string spec’s
and pricing.

Early 90’s Wal bass brochure.  Small but lots of info.

90’s Alembic guitar and bass catalog, lots of color pictures

90’s Alembic Custom Guide, lots of wood and electronic options, picture of John Paul Jones’ custom 8-string bass with Tree of Life inlays.
Two copies.

90’s Gibson USA banjo and mandolin brochure

1991 Chandler kit guitars, pickups and components catalog. Some color.

90’s Vox AC-30 spare/replacement parts brochures.  Rose-Morris era.  Three copies, one has a small staple hole in the upper corner, two are

90’s Guild guitar and bass catalog. All color, cover is a little worn but the instrument photography in this is quite appealing.  This catalog
was printed on high quality paper and probably expensive to produce.

90’s Gibson USA pickups brochure.

1989 Rickenbacker brochure.  This is the one with the Japanese-American craftsman on the cover that got people worried about whether
Ricky’s were being made overseas.  They were not.  Smaller than the other Ricky brochures but still contains history section and pictures of
various models and endorsers.

90’s EBow brochure. All about how it works, albums featuring and artists who the device.  Interesting and unusual.

Early 1970’s Musician’s Friend catalog, from the humble beginnings back when they were based in Eagle Point, Oregon.  Electro-
Harmonix effects, strings and parts, mostly.  Back cover appears to be partially cut off or was printed incorrectly. Newsprint-type paper has
yellowed. Interesting relic of the now mega-online retailer.

90’s Gibson USA guitar and bass catalog. Nice photos, heavy stock paper. This was probably expensive to produce.

1996 Ampeg Reverberocket amp spec sheets and schematic. Schematic has some penciled notes. 3 pages.

90’s Phantom Guitar Works brochure, color. Pictures of all models, cases and accessories with a swinging ‘60’s vibe, for those who dig repro
Vox-style axes.
Paper Items List
The Fuzztones “In Heat” songbook, circa 1990.
Guitar and vocal sheet music and tablature for all
songs on the album, full color removable fold out
poster, other band pictures of the mid-80’s/90’s Los
Angeles era Fuzztones lineup.  Contains a great
introductory essay on the Fuzztones by Bruce
Pollock, rock historian and co-editor in chief of
"Guitar for the Practicing Musician" magazine.
Comes with a separate one-sided 8.5” x 11” flyer for
the “Cult of Fuzz” Fuzztones fan club membership.  
Front and back cover are slightly worn but all pages
are intact with no folds or wrinkling.
For photos or pricing of any of these items please email.  
These are all original, most are in EX to “Like New” condition and unless specified there is only one copy available. More coming soon!